Compliance Resources

Get Access To Critical Compliance Resources For Your Practice

Crisis Resources:

  • ​​CARES Act Portal Attestation
  • ​Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
  • ​Disinfection Guidelines
  • ​Paycheck Protection Guide
  • ​CMS Opening America Again
  • ​HIPAA Requirements During National Emergency
  • ​ World Fed of Chiropractic COVID-19
  • ​And more...

Practice / HIPAA Resources:

  • ​HIPAA Breach Notification
  • ​Is Microsoft Outlook HIPAA Compliant?
  • ​Patient Info Release Policy
  • ​What Records Do I Release?
  • ​De-identifying PHI
  • ​E-Signatures
  • ​ Sample Non Compete and Non Solicitation Agreement
  • ​And more...

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