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Dr. Ty Talcott CHPSE

Chiropractic Coach and Compliance Specialist

Dr. Ty Talcott is a Certified HIPAA Privacy and Security Expert, who consults thousands of healthcare practices relative to business development and protection. 

  • ​Consulted to thousands of health care practices relative to business development and protection.
  • ​A sought-after speaker who has led numerous seminars, performed as a keynote speaker and has been featured on the cover of several magazines. 
  • ​Instructed over 200 webinars and 150 live events relative to HIPAA and government compliance for 48 state chiropractic associations and 5 chiropractic colleges, as well as independent and medical organizations.
  • ​Over thirty articles published relative to the onset of and participation with managed care-over two dozen articles regarding HIPAA compliance.


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Dr. Talcott,
I just wanted to update you about our audit. We finally got word that we passed. They asked for no further clarification on the risk analysis than what I originally sent in. I ended up sending the paragraph form and the list form of the risk analysis as well as a cover letter per your recommendation. 

Thank you so much for your extra help talking to me after we got our audit letter, as well as the hipaa survival kit that I purchased last year. I know without it, the outcome would probably have been a lot different, as well as a whole lot more stressful.

Thank you again,

- Dr. Kristen & Jeff Longman 

Dr. Ty: I have great news today about our prepared response, relative to the random audit, for which I was chosen: I received a letter today that I have met the meaningful use criteria and passed the audit, for the HIPAA risk analysis, et. al… and I will get my check after all! Wow this is great news!

I want to thank you for your help in resolving this issue without me having a nervous breakdown! I hate this for the other Docs that are/will go through this- it is so unexpected when that notice arrives that you are going to be audited and it might mean you don’t get your check or worse, they might take back money they already gave you!

I encourage all Docs to follow your program, before they get a demand for their HIPAA compliant risk analysis, because, although one never knows what the government will accept; your program takes the guess work out of the equation!

- Dr. Pamela J Owens

Like the rest of the world I was looking forward to the ease and comfort of getting my HIPAA manual in electronic format, complete and customized to our office, with the purchase of your Hands-off HIPAA program… but, I have to tell you that it was OVERWHELMING in electronic format and I was SOOOO glad when the hard copy arrived and I could “see” it, you were able to quickly walk me through how it all works and tell me the final tweaks to make.. what a godsend this Hands-off HIPAA program has been, especially now that I see the finished product and how much it entails— we would have never gotten there on our own!

- Dr. Julie Davis 

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